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Find out what’s involved in renting a commercial kitchen and why it’s a great low-cost option to mak

Choosing a commercial kitchen for rent is a fast and easy way to get your food business started or to manage seasonal rushes or one-off events. It’s a short cut to fulfilling your dreams of providing your speciality foods to a larger number of people. Whether you’re a baker, chef, caterer, food stylist or a food manufacturer or retailer, here’s why renting a commercial kitchen might be just right for you.

Simply walk in and cook

The main reason why hiring a commercial kitchen makes sense for smaller catering businesses or one-off events is that you can simply walk in and get started! There are no contracts or high set up costs. Once you register and pay a small bond fee, you can then simply take your ingredients into a kitchen that is all set up for you and immediately start making your recipes. Your main obligation is to leave the space clean and tidy for the next hirer.

A business address for your food business

If you are already in the food business, you’ll be familiar with the various food licences and certifications you need for commercial food preparation. If you are just starting out, or engaging in a single catered event, make sure you have ticked all of these requirements off your ‘to do list’ before you get started in the rented kitchen. The kitchen you are hiring can be used as the kitchen address you provide to the council in your licensing paperwork, which is great for new businesses! At The Greenhive kitchen our team will be happy to help you with the information you need to meet these requirements.

Save on insurance with a fully covered kitchen

A commercial kitchen for rent should be fully insured to make sure the premises and the appliances are covered, as well as for public liability. This will save you the hassle of insuring your own premises for these purposes. As a food manufacturing business, however, you will still need to have some public and/or product liability insurance to hire a kitchen. Simply ask your kitchen hire service for information, then shop around insurance companies for the best deal.

Book your kitchen as and when you need it

After you have completed some initial administration details, hiring your commercial kitchen is as easy as pie using a quick and easy online booking system and paying through paypal. You will have access to an online schedule including peak and off-peak times so that you can plan what works best for your business or event needs, and budget. You can hire the kitchen for a few hours or for a few months. The choice is yours!

So if you’re looking for a commercial kitchen to rent, know that there are a few steps involved to set up your hire. But once that’s done and dusted (so to speak) you’ll find it’s the quickest and most cost effective way to get yourself cooking in a professional kitchen on your terms, to make your cooking dreams come true.

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