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Get a winning advantage in your food business by choosing a commercial kitchen hire to take your foo

Why hire our commercial kitchen?

Commercial kitchen hire can give you a giant boost if you want a kitchen that rules! We know the key to great food is quality ingredients, but appliances go a long way to helping you achieve your foodie goals. Imagine stepping in to your own fully equipped cooking area that has all the equipment you could need at your fingertips, like ...

Gas range and combi oven

Our commercial kitchen hire will give you a large gas range and combi oven to cook with. The six burner gas range gives you a lot of functional cooking space, so you can use multiple burners at once. And the six tray Rational combi oven is one of the best, with its intelligent system to easily cook several different foods at any one time. Versatile and easy to use!

Blast freezer chiller

Imagine what you can do with a blast freezer / chiller! With the ability to softly chill delicate foods without damaging them and hard chill denser foods – this appliance opens up so many options for your creative cooking.

Planetary mixer

The 40 litre Planetary mixer that comes in our commercial kitchen hire is an essential baking appliance for mixing dough, batter and other bakery ingredients. The stainless steel bowl can handle up to 10kg of dough, so big batches become a cinch to make. As you’d expect it has multiple speeds and attachments for handling almost every baker’s needs.

Vegetable cutter, food processor and blender

Save on food preparation time with our Robot Coupe vegetable cutter and food processor, plus a vita-prep commercial Vitamix blender included in your kitchen hire package. The Robot Coupe is perfect to chop, grind, knead, mix as well as grate, slice and julienne in just a few minutes. And the Vita-prep commercial Vitamix blender pulverises whole foods into smooth pastes just as quickly.

Commercial dishwasher

And while you’re cooking up a storm using commercial kitchen hire, a lot of your clean up is taken care of by our commercial dishwasher. Load it up with the dirty pots, mixing bowls and utensils to have everything washed to a high standard at the end of your cooking session.

Additional specialist equipment included in the commercial kitchen hire

There are plenty of other appliances and types of equipment included in commercial kitchen hire. Additional appliances include a meat mincer and sausage maker, and cooking equipment includes an array of pots, pans, and stainless steel bowls. You really do get access to everything you’ll need for your food creation tasks.

So to make your kitchen rule, choose commercial kitchen hire with all the appliances you need to make delicious recipes faster and more efficiently. With a whole kitchen and so much equipment to yourself, using a professional cooking space will give you a definite advantage in taking your food business to the next level.

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