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The top five from our amazing equipment

Want to know the top five items of our commercial equipment to that will really improve your productivity and efficiency when cooking? What will help you achieve good consistency and superior quality in all the foods that you produce? We’re here to let you know!

1. Not any old oven will do

Quality ovens are the fundamental item of kitchen commercial equipment to look for when renting a professional kitchen. And don’t trust your cooking to any old oven! Our state-of-the-art 6 tray Rational self cooking centre oven shines in terms of cooking quality and performance.. The patented Hi Density Control demands a uniform and intensive distribution of heat, air and humidity within the cooking cabinet while the Self cooking control uses sensors to detect the size of the food and load size, this process is constantly monitored and automatically and sensitively adjusted to suit the food being cooked, there is no more turning or adjusting!

2. Stove

A close second on the list of top kitchen commercial equipment items is the stove. Our 6 burners gas stove increases your efficiency by cooking with any number of burners operating at once. We also prefer gas because of its instant heat and fast response when changing cooking temperatures.

3. Food processor and blender

High on the list of kitchen commercial equipment is a versatile food processor and blender. They save so much time and really add to the consistency of the foods you prepare. Our Robot Coupe vegetable cutter and food processor is so versatile it can shred any type of vegetables in seconds! And for a blender, our Vita-prep commercial Vitamix blender is really hard to beat. It has a powerful motor for course chopping, but can also gently blend softer foods like nuts to a cream like consistency.

4. Blast chiller

A blast chiller is a great piece of kitchen commercial equipment because it can so significantly increase your productivity in the kitchen and reduce the time it takes to chill or freeze foods. Our blast chiller will do both soft and hard chill. This way you’ll get no damage caused to delicate foods when chilled and hard food will be chilled quickly – this distinction is crucial for optimal food safety.

5. Mixer

The fifth item of kitchen commercial equipment that should be in any kitchen you hire is a big, quality mixer. Our Planetary mixer has a huge 40 litre capacity and can mix 7kg to 10kg of bakery ingredients at any one time in its stainless steel bowl. It also has a good range of speed options and multiple attachments for a variety of mixing methods.

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